Choosing the right fabric for Making a t-shirt


At Maxzone, we're crazy about making new and trendy t-shirts. And it all starts with the fabric. Getting the right fabric is everything for creating a t-shirt that looks great, feels amazing, and won't quit on you. With so many fabric options out there, it can make your head spin trying to choose one out of the all options. But don't sweat it, we'll be your fabric tour guides.

Journey of cotton:

The Journey Begins with Cotton- Cotton is the king of t-shirt fabrics. This natural stuff has been clothing people for hundreds of years because it is just one of the best fabrics. Cotton feels soft, lets your skin breathe, and keeps you comfy, making it an A+ choice for everyday wear.

But not all cotton fabrics are created equal. At Maxzone, we go for the premium cotton varieties with luxuriously long fibers like Pima or Egyptian cotton. These cotton figures have silk-smooth fibers that resist pilling and hold their shape wash after wash.

The Blend Remix:

While cotton solo is fantastic, sometimes mixing it up with other fabrics takes t-shirts to new heights. Blend cotton with synthetic fibers like polyester or rayon, and we can create fabrics with superpowers like wicking away sweat, stretchy moves, and saying no to wrinkles. One of our favorite blends mixes cotton and polyester. The polyester adds extra muscle to the fabric, while cotton keeps that soft, natural skin embrace. This blend is made for active living, pulling sweat away from your body and drying quickly to keep you fresh no matter how hard you play.

Softness Level: Luxe

For those who need ultimate velvety softness, we turn to heavenly fabrics like modal and . These semi-synthetic fibers come from beech tree pulp and have an unbeatable silk-like smoothness.

The Final Touches:

Even after finding our fabric soulmate, we're still not done. At Maxzone, we add special finishing moves to our fabrics to unlock their full potential for performance and style.


Choosing the fabric is just the first step in our obsessive journey to craft the perfect t-shirt. But it's the crucial first step that lays the foundation for every epic tee we create. So whether you need classic cotton comfort, high performance blends, or luxuriously soft modal, you can count on Maxzone to put in the work to bring you the best fabrics out there.

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