The Big Idea, The Big T-shirt!

We always talk about the largest monument in the world, the longest man in the world, something that is different form usual makes human mind curious. It catches human eye and attention making it the center of any event.
A brand's success is not just about selling products; it's about creating an experience, a connection that resonates with the audience.
In this blog we will raise the curtains from behind the scenes of making the Big T-shirt- A brand activation strategy of Maxzone Clothing!

The thought behind Big T-shirt:

This T-shirt is an expression of our courage to dream large and turn what is impossible into something that others can be inspired by. In the clustered market like apparel and clothing Maxzone clothing, wants to keep their consumers into center and wants to give them the experience of lifetime. We also want to explore our own potential about what is impossible and how far we can take our goals.
From plan to execution! We do dream big.

The big T shirt, but how big?

7FT” W X 14FT”H Sounds unreal?! We got proofs!

Process of making: 

The idea: It all started with the Big idea of creating something big for the Asia’s biggest cultural fest! Why not a giant T-shirt!

The Making: Making huge t shirt wasn’t the actual task but making a stand and hanger for it was!

Where it was displayed?

Moodi: Also known as Mood-Indigo - Asia's biggest Cultural event organized by IIT Bombay. Maxzone clothing was part of this event, where we organized bunch of games and fun activities for the participants.

The results!

We hit 1 million views in 3 days on the reel of Big t-shirt on Instagram
Experienced by more than 1000 students! And International artists.
The wow factor of Maxzone Stall!


All in all, it was a successful attempt. We made the audience amazed by ‘THE BIG T- SHIRT’.

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