Let's Learn the Second Phase of Printing T-shirts with COO of Maxzone.


The Intricate Process of T-Shirt Printing Printing cool designs on t-shirts is a multi-step process. The first phase is deciding on the designs you want to print. But the real action happens in the second phase when those designs get printed onto screens for the t-shirt printing.

Journey of printing T-shirts:

Step 1-

The designs are first printed onto a transparent film in this second phase. This film acts like a stencil that will determine where the ink gets printed on the shirt. But it's an exact stencil! The designs on the film are made up of lots of tiny dots. And the size of each dot is different. This is important because the dot size determines how much ink will go through that spot when printing. Smaller dots mean less ink and bigger dots mean more ink.

Step 2-

Next, this dotted film is laid over a mesh screen and exposed to bright lights. This "burns" the design from the film onto the mesh, creating a permanent stencil on the screen itself. Any non-printed areas on the film allow light to pass through, so no stencil is burned onto the mesh in those spots.

Step 3-

So now you're left with a screen that has a precise stencil of the design you want, made up of all those tiny dots of differing sizes. This dotted stencil is what allows you to get a high-quality image printed on the t-shirt.When ink is pulled across the screen, it can only pass through the dot openings in the stencil. And the varying dot sizes let you get different shades and gradients in your printed design.

It's an ingenious way to take a digital design and make it into a physical stencil for t-shirt printing. This second phase of making screens is crucial for getting vibrant, detailed prints every time!


The second phase of printing t-shirts, where designs are transformed into screens, is a crucial step in ensuring high-quality and vibrant prints on the final product. Converting digital designs into precise stencils made up of tiny dots of varying sizes, this process allows for intricate details and gradients to be accurately replicated on the t-shirts.

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