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Journey of Maxzone Clothing
Maxzone Clothing started in 2009 by making men's fashion t-shirts with smooth stitching for a comfortable fit. People loved the fit, colours and by 2010, Maxzone Clothing and its team of 8 sold over 1 million t-shirts all over India.
About कलर्स
Maxzone Clothing's Vibgyor Series: a stunning colourful collection of solid half-sleeve t-shirts crafted from 100% cotton.
With an wide range of over 18+ colors to choose from, these crew-neck T-shirts are designed to comfort you everyday wear.
Variety of products
Follow the latest fashion trend with Maxzone Clothing's branded collection tees, where style meets comfort, and quality is our commitment.
Embracing the Indian craftsmanship and its rich heritage.
Sirf Comfort सिर्फ कंफर्ट
Comfort, colors and solid design are features of Maxzone Clothing's Vibgyor tshirt collection.
We prioritize your style and comfort above all else.
Chai & Vibgyor चाहिए मतलब चाहिए
In essence, both the love for chai and the appreciation for solid tshirt from their ability to provide comfort, design, and a sense of style.
Just like a good cup of chai can brighten a day, a well-defined collection of solid clothing t-shirts enhance men's appearance and confidence in any situation.