Founder’s Friday- Part 3

Founder’s Friday is here! A sneak peek into the journey of Maxzone clothing! It is a video series where Founder and CEO Ajay Agarwal and COO Gaurav Agarwal share their views and experiences of starting a clothing brand from scratch and expanding it to the global level! Stay tuned for a series of questions that will be published every Friday.

Question of the Day!


How we print Maxzone T-shirts?

Gaurav Agarwal shared the secrets behind printing mechanism back at Maxzone factory located in Tirupur. The SULPHET automatic printing machine from Turkey can print maximum sizes. The popular all over prints are well and easily printed on these machines.

The other benefit of this machine is, we can produce 2x times which increases the efficiency of production and saves time!

Why Founder’s Friday?

Getting insights from Founders motivates business enthusiasts and new entrepreneurs in their brand-building journey. Founder’s Friday brings consumers closer to the brand makers by sharing insights into their journey!

At Maxzone Clothing we always believe in transparency. Sharing this behind the scene snippet helps to build brand trust.

About Gaurav Agarwal: COO at Maxzone Clothing


About Maxzone Clothing:

A clothing brand for Men that creates casual clothes that consumer loves to wear. The vision is to create the world's finest clothing available at worth the price. We sold more than 10 million t-shirts in 2023!

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Sneak peek into the next Founder’s Friday!

Story behind Ajay Agarwal’s start in clothing and apparel industry.

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