Evolution of Maxzone Clothing


Humans survived the earth because they evolved with time being same goes with brands. In a saturated market like clothing and apparel many brands try their luck, but only those brands who learn and master the art of evolving with time sustain the market. Maxzone clothing is one such clothing brand who started back in 2009 and still stands straight in the industry. Let’s see how we as a brand evolved to survive the market!

A quick look at the journey

It all began in 2009 with focus of creating t shirts that give comfort. Next year Maxzone Clothing sold over a million T-shirts in India's eastern market, The team was led by 8 people. By 2012 Maxzone Clothing expanded its presence in North and West India. Bio Wash Fabric in Maxzone was introduced in 2013.
2014 was the year when we expanded in southern part of India and sold whopping 25 lakh pieces in a year. In 2017-18 we sold one million units in an year. Between 2019 and 2020, a new chapter began with the introduction of our sub-brand- Menology. In 2022 we received prestigious ISO 9001:2015 certificate. We also launched a website to cater our consumers the thread continues further.

What Changed in all these years:

The packaging:
At very start the focus was on quality of t shirts and manufacturing. Later we also considered packaging as it is also integral part of any product. Experimenting with packaging started from this thought. Trying different shapes like creating cylindrical packaging for graphic t shirts and illustrated box for bulk products.

The involvement of technology:
As Maxzone evolved the technology did as well. A lot of things changed in terms of technology compared to when we started that was back in 2009. We believe that we sustained and one of the main reasons behind it was that we integrated latest technology in our unit like The SULPHET automatic printing machine from Turkey which can print maximum sizes.

Introduction of website made it easier for consumer to directly buy from source. With Email newsletter we reached to our customer with variety of offers and new collections update in a quick timely manner. Our store on retail sites like Amazon, Flipkart gave customer the option to buy from a multiple platform.

Customer Service:
A query resolution in timely manner makes any brand stronger compared to competitors. Maxzone Clothing figured it out and created a system which will deal with customer queries. All we looked for is creating a seamless shopping experience for our consumers so that they will keep coming back!


Starting a brand can be easy but sustaining in the market for more than a decade is challenging. It takes lot of changing, integrating, evolving with trends, sticking to our core values. The one who cracks this code becomes the “Lambi Race ka Ghoda”!

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