Mr. Ajay Kumar Agarwal, a strong willed entrepreneur from Tirupur in India, is the man behind MAXZONE. With a team of passionate and talented professionals to not only create works of expressions across various types of apparel, but also to manage the business through creative sales and marketing, efficient merchandising and retailing, and dynamic operations and expansions. We create clothing that goes beyond the fashions of the moment to express the wearer’s individuality on all occasions. The highest attention to detail and sensuality of expression has placed us as one of the most desired and recognizable brand of its time.

Our Mission

To bring the latest trends in fashion and lifestyle from across the world to the entire world, in real time and at unreal prices, so every single person looks their very best. To deliver garments in innovative and interesting packaging with luxury fabric without a stress on pocket.

Our Vision

To be the world’s premier fashion brand, known for being relevant above all else. And adhere to Go Green and Save Green; our optimum efforts are to use recyclable and bio-degradable products and least possible chemicals usages.

Our Brands